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About Breathe Charging

Breathe Charging is an Electric Vehicle (EV) Consultancy and Charge Point Operator.

Established to provide a better service as the demand for public chargers, and workplace chargers, grows through to 2030.

With decades of experience in manufacturing, project management, technology, legal services and banking our team can provide custom solutions for our clients, based on their needs.

We focus on advising on startup programs and turnaround solutions for existing programs that are falling short of expectations. As a charge point operator we focus on destination charging in the UK, installing in hotels, gyms, café’s, shopping centers, refreshment stations, car parks and similar alternatives to on street or on route charging.

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Breathe Charging Solutions

Consultation Service

Our team will help you determine the right solution for your initial needs

Scalable Installation

Providing solutions that can adapt and evolve along with your business

Reliable Solutions

All our charger installations are covered by a maintenance plan to ensure unparalleled up-time

Contact us for more information and how we can help you :

Build out a new workplace program or advise on existing programs and turnarounds

Provide an EV charging solution to your existing customers

Drive new customers to your business and increase your primary business revenue

Share in a new income stream without any capital outlay

Manage the day to day operation of the EV charging solution

Evolve your EV charging solution to match the needs of your business and customers